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winter beard heath

May 17, 2012

is a Tasmanian native that flowers during winter…….. technically we are still in autumn but my little plant on the back verandah has been flowering for the last week or so and more blooms are on their way…….


here I sit

May 2, 2012

There waits a little seat

 cold and empty

Til I sit upon it with open heart

dedicated to Michelle over at Rambling Woods


April 25, 2012

quiet hush of morning

soft shower of willow leaf

birds begin to sing

gum leaves……..

April 24, 2012

reflecting expectations of autumn

NB Gum trees are evergreen

return of a feathered friend

April 16, 2012

This morning it was a delight to see an Eastern Spinebill feeding in one of the salvia bushes in my garden. These little birds spend the warmer months in the higher regions of the mountain and the colder months in the lower regions.

Unlike many of our smaller birds they are not territorial and flit in and out before the territorial birds really notice. To achieve this end they are capable of taking nectar in the same manner as a hummingbird. Although I have watched one feeding this way on a number of occasions I have yet to take a photo. Probably won’t either as I much prefer to savour the brief moment than take a photo of it.

Autumn signs

April 11, 2012

a little reminder…………

and a triumphant proclamation………


see what is happening elsewhere at

summer walk

March 15, 2012

To the end of our road and over the bridge……………

 follow the path…………..

along the rivulet………

eyes wide open……….. the little wrens are so hard to see…………….

 back over the bridge…….. down our road…. through the gate and one last look over my shoulder as I climb the steps covered by the lemon tree.


February 15, 2012

Hello and welcome to nature’s song,

Beginnings leave me wordless. It is a moment that is timeless, intense, a rush of impressions and feelings and an inability to capture the moment in words.

 Sometimes fortune smiles and I can look back and put aspects into words but this is the beginning of nature’s song and alas the only words I can think of to mark it is hello and welcome. At the moment nature’s song is little more than my intentions so perhaps there is not much more to put into words but to plunge in and actually begin……

As I write this  I am reminded of my walk this morning by Lizzie (my dog) sighing without waking and changing her position slightly from where she is snuggled up to me on the sofa .

As it is summer and the clock still registers sunrise early enough to enjoy a morning walk in daylight before work I have been making an effort to go daily.

the sound of water masks the noise of early morning traffic